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This is a turnkey solution:


Key Earning opportunities:

  • Publish Ads e.g. Google adwords to turn traffic into Dollars.
  • Use it as advertising platform for your products and INCREASE SALES.
  • Publish information/articles related to your field or business and get visitors that high probability of buying your products.



Reasons for leasing

There are several reason why a business might rent a website instead of buying, for example:

  • Leasing often requires only a small monthly fee instead of a large fee upfront when buying.
  • New small business owners can benefit by saving capital.
  • If a website is only needed for a short amount of time.
  • Leasing a website is a great alternative to expensive website design fees.
  • If one is unsure their business needs a website leasing is a way to test without paying for a full price site.
  • The owner is responsible for the technical aspects and upkeep of the site.
  • Changes and updates are often included in the monthly fee.
  • There are also tax benefits of leasing a website.

Website leasing is an agreement between the user (lessee) and the owner (lessor) whereby the privilege of using a website is offered in exchange for regular payments.

Month by Month Lease
$99 Per Month
Lease on a month by month basis. A 7 day trial is available (Subject to approval).
Six Month Lease
Save over a $100 dollars with a 6 month lease.
Long Term Lease
$899.00 Per Year
A long term lease is available! Or purchase the entire Domain, contact us for more information!

We also offer a “lease to own” arrangement:

A domain name lease agreement is where the lessee pays monthly “rent” for the use of a
domain name over a period of time,and at the end of this term, either will own the domain
name or have a right to “buy it out” with a final payment.Leasing a domain name generally
allows a lessee to obtain the use of a domain name that it would otherwise be unable to afford.

The domain name will be held by the domain name owner, or it can be held in escrow by a

third party,the lessee may therefore request that once the lease agreement is signed, a

nd the first payment is made,that the domain name be transferred to an escrow agent for

the duration of the payment term, so that once all payments are complete, the domain

name may be transferred to the lessee.

Domain Purchase
Only $19,995!
Purchase domain for only $19,995 (USD).
Monthly Lease to own Payments
Only $528 per month!
$528 per month for 36 months after a initial $987 dollar down payment.
0% Interest.
No Credit Needed!
100% Owner Financed.

Contact Us, for more information regarding leasing or purchasing

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